The Red Thread

The idea of "the red thread" had been around for a few years, it just took a band break-up and a drunken New Years' Eve to put it into motion. Jason Lakis began writing after the band he was playing drums for, Half Film, disbanded. Half film had put out a couple records, toured Europe with Swell and ended up calling it quits around 1999. He made demos over the course of a summer and hadn't even thought about getting together a live band for the material until he slurred the idea to three old friends (and part-time bandmates) one new years eve. "The Inspectors," a jazzy/garagy combo were up for it. They re-recorded all Jason's songs as a full band. The product turned out to be After The Last, the band's debut on Badman Recording Co. A national tour followed, along with some great press, including positive reviews in Moj...


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