The Reminder



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2007, Interscope Records

It's hard not to be floored by the staggering breadth and depth of the material on The Reminder. You can hear the sound of every facet of Feist - the punk kid from Calgary, the T.O. indie rock poster girl, the Parisian ex-pat who taps the cobblestone. The lost and the found - without the slightest bit of compromise. It's Feist simply answering her own questions with questions, and giving in - as she sings so sweetly at the end of The Reminder - to "how her heart behaves."


Disc 1
1 So Sorry
2 I Feel It All
3 My Moon My Man
4 Park
5 Water
6 Sealion
7 Past in Present
8 Limit to Your Love
9 1234
10 Brandy Alexander
11 Intuition
12 Honey Honey
13 How My Heart Behaves

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