The Samps

Last year, Cole M. Greif-Neill (the sometimes-guitarist for Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and one-third of the Samps) made a simple admission in an interview with Vice about his sample-based collective: "I can tell you that we have no idea what we're doing." On the surface, we could take him at his word. Here are three Californians taking time out from their other bands to put together a little EP, often via web, with no desire to play any of the material in a live setting. Often, this sort of homemade pleasure project can be a little too indulgent, and as long as the day job is working out, there's really little risk. But The Samps is a tight, wonderfully nuanced little outing where all that pleasure really shines through. Each experimental element here is firmly supported by genuine grooves and an ability to distill a variety...


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