The Third Eye Centre

Belle and Sebastian

Vinyl LP

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2013, Matador Records

VINYL FORMAT. Dear Catastrophe Waitress ushered in a new chapter for Belle and Sebastian. Once a hushed bedroom indie project, the band reemerged as a pop powerhouse. Subsequent albums, The Life Pursuit and Write About Love marked a newfound confidence in the Scottish collective, and with it, some of their best record and ticket sales to date, elevating Belle and Sebastian from cherished undergroundlings into masters of modern songcraft. Third Eye Centre, like its predecessor Push Barman to Open Old Wounds, collects fan-favorite b-sides from cherished albums and also serves as a documentary of a decade.


Disc 1
1 I'm A Cuckoo (by the Avalanches)
2 Suicide Girl
3 Love on the March
4 Last Trip
5 Your Secrets
6 Your Cover's Blown (Miaoux Miaoux Mix)
7 I Took a Long Hard Look
8 Heaven in the Afternoon
9 Long Black Scarf
10 The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House
11 I Didn't See it Coming (Richard X Mix)
12 (I Believe in) Travellin' Light
13 Stop, Look and LIsten
14 Passion Fruit
15 Desperation Made a Fool of Me
16 Blue Eyes of a Millionaire
17 Mr Richard
18 Meat and Potatoes
19 The Life Pursuit

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