The Tough Alliance

The Tough Alliance consisted of Henning Fürst and Eric Berglund - two pop artists from Gothenburg, Sweden. Since the congregation in 2001 they released the EPs; Make It Happen and Holiday. In 2005 their debut album, The New School, hit the country, meeting great success and exhilarated reviews.

In May 2006 the long awaited The Tough Alliance - New Waves EP was released on their own label Sincerely Yours. In October 2006 followed their second full length album, 'Escaping Your Ambitions'.

In May 2007, the much anticipated third album 'A New Chance' was released on Sincerely Yours, further developing their charismatic sound of 'The New School' and 'New Waves'; a fusion with their brief exploration of ambient electronica found on Escaping Your Ambitions.

In 2010, Eric Berglund made it clear that The Tough Alliance since 2009 was...


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