The USA Is a Monster

USAISAMONSTER (pronounced "USA is a Monster") is a two piece noise rock band based in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. They are closely related to Providence, RI's Fort Thunder and Olneyville. The band consists of Tom Hohmann (drums, keyboards, and vocals) and Colin Langenus (guitar and vocals).

Originating from the bands Bullroarer and Raw Dawg Rex & The Family Nads, Tom and Colin were squatting in Charlottesville, VA and became involved in a communal space known as the Pudhouse. Intent on recording and writing, they quickly tore through a half dozen lo-fi recordings and styles. Their interest in getting bands from other collectives to play the Pudhouse led to connections that began a five year tour.

Pursuing more complex songs with every passing year; each new set of material has improved in sound quality and depth of...


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