The Week That Was

The Week That Was is the first solo project from Field Music co-founder Peter Brewis. He has released one album - the self-titled 2008 debut - under the moniker.

For those that don't know, Sunderland-based Field Music released two full albums, the eponymous 2005 debut and 2007's Tones of Town, both of which became one of many peoples’ albums of the year. Perhaps willfully to some, Field Music, on the cusp of breaking through, decided, "to get off the band treadmill" concerned that being in a band in the traditional sense was restricting their creative output. The first fruits of this artistic freedom was David Brewis' much lauded School of Language album Sea From Shore in Feb 08..the second is The Week That Was, Peter's first solo foray.

The Week That Was, written and recorded in late 2007 at Field Music's 8 Studio i...



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