The Wrens

There is more than one music group named The Wrens: a New Jersey indie rock band, and a 1950s doo-wop band from Brooklyn.

1) The Wrens formed in the late 1980s in New Jersey, consisting of Charles Bissell (guitar, vocals), Greg Whelan (Whelan G. E.) (guitar, vocals), Kevin Whelan (Sett) (bass, keys, vocals), and Jerry MacDonnell (Jerome MACDonnell) (drums). Their influences range from Guided by Voices to the Pixies, but they have developed a unique sound since their initial formation.

The Wrens are known for their explosive stage presence, despite each member being well past 35, and are steadily gaining a fanbase across the world. Their debut album, "Silver", was released in 1994 to a moderate degree of critical acclaim. However, it was their second LP, "Secaucus" (named in reference to the town in New Jersey w...


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