The Zincs

The Zincs are a 4-piece band based in Chicago, despite being originally from London. The Zincs were set up by English singer/songwriter James Elkington in 2000 to play the songs that had been cramping up his 4-track since his move to Chicago the year before. His first album, Moth and Marriage, was released by the Ohio Gold label in 2001 and was performed by Elkington alone, but a band was formed to play the subsequent shows and the Zincs proper was born.

The current line-up features Elkington's voice and guitar, Nathaniel Braddock on guitar (Ancient Greeks, Edith Frost and, of course, the OBDBI), Nick Macri on bass (Bobby Conn, Euphone, Mark Eitzel and co-runs the Ohio Gold label) and Jason Toth (Edith Frost, Manieshevitz and just about whatever's going).

2002 saw the release of an EP, 40 Winks With The Zincs, but the full band did...



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