These Are Powers

These Are Powers was an experimental noise dance band from Brooklyn, New York founded by singer and guitarist Anna Barie and bassist Pat Noecker (Liars) in 2006.

With drummer Ted McGrath, These Are Powers recorded the Silver Lung 7" and Terrific Seasons LP originally released on Hoss Records and later re-released by Dead Oceans.
The early recordings were inspired by African polyrhythms, Der Blaue Reiter, John Cage, Alice Coltrane, and Pandit Pran Nath.

During this period, the band founded the genre of "Ghost Punk" and often drew comparisons to arty experimenters Sonic Youth, Throbbing Gristle and This Heat. Live shows were treated as loud, psychedelic exorcisms with long, improvised passages.

Noecker played a prepared bass with a wooden dowel put under the strings which functioned as an additional 3rd bridge. This...


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