Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson; 14 October 1958 - London, UK) is an English musician and producer. He is one of the great legends of electronic music. His career as a solo artist includes two of the most unique and recognizable hits of the genre, She Blinded Me With Science and Hyperactive!.

Dolby promoted himself as a kind of mad scientist, an egghead that had successfully harnessed the power of synthesizers and samplers, using them to make catchy pop and electro-funk. Before he launched his solo career, Dolby had already notched up a mouth-watering catalogue of cred as a studio musician, technician, and songwriter; after starting out as a teenaged live sound man mixing The Fall, The Members and others using a PA he built himself, he formed the arty post-punk band Camera Club (also known as Bruce Woolley & The Camera C...



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