Those We Leave Behind

I Am Ghost

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2008, Epitaph

Something dark has been brewing in Long Beach, CA for the past several years. Crawling, clawing its way across the country like a vampiric creature, leaving a trail of cult-like followers in its wake. A turbulent, menacing style of music that combines elements of metal, goth-rock, melodic-hardcore and screamo from the scene's most promising band, I Am Ghost. With the impending release of the group's second full length album, Those We Leave Behind, the hardest working band in the scene finds themselves in a dark place, reconnecting with their passion for music through tragic tales of loss and despair.


Disc 1
1 Intro: We Dance With Monsters PLAY
2 Don't Wake Up PLAY
3 Those We Leave Behind PLAY
4 Buried Way Too Shallow PLAY
5 Bone Garden PLAY
6 Saddest Story Never Told PLAY
7 Smile Of A Jesus Freak PLAY
8 So, I Guess This Is Goodbye PLAY
9 Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby PLAY
10 Burn The Bodies To The Ground PLAY
11 Rock N' Roll High School Murder PLAY
12 Make Me Believe This Is Real PLAY
13 They Always Come Back PLAY
14 Set Me Free PLAY

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