Three Quarters of Joy Division Win Big at OTB

Derek Erdman

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2009, Derek Erdman

From the mind of prolific Chicago "pop" artist, Derek Erdman, these exlusive 11x17 art prints come on superfine mohawk paper stock and are limited to 100 copies only. Each will be signed and numbered by Derek Erdman.

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Derek Erdman is a Chicago artist known for his original portraits of everyone from Mike Schmidt and Eddie Murray, to Larry Hagman and Nell Carter.

Below, in Derek's own words and imagination, is his latest portrait project commissioned exclusively for Insound.

"Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Stephen Morris (accompanied by wife Gillian Gilbert), of the popular rock group Joy Division, recently won a cash purse of £350,125 after completing a sweep of five races at a Macclesfield OTB. 'We kept trying to talk Ian into betting with us'" said Sumner, referring to Ian Curtis, the fourth member of the band, 'but he simply chose all of the wrong dogs.' The winning three pooled their money and chose the winner in each of the day's five races. The winning dogs were listed as: Midnight Tax Return, Debbie Debbie, Funtime Alomar, Bruno S, and Daft As A Brush. 'After Funtime Alomar won,' said Morris, 'I had a feeling we were going to win the whole thing. Plus, I had just eaten a sandwich.' The group has not yet decided on how they will split up the money, but they do have plans to travel to the USA in the next few months. 'I hear it's lovely this time of year,' said Hook, 'I'm really looking forward to seeing Wall Drug.' Curtis could not be reached for comment."

For more information on Derek Erdman's work click here.

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