Throw Me The Statue

Throw Me the Statue is a indie pop band which formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 2005. The band consists of singer/songwriter Scott Reitherman and a revolving lineup of other musicians. The band has released two albums, "Moonbeams" (2007) and "Creaturesque" (2009).

The band began as a mixtape Scott Reitherman made for a girlfriend. A couple years later Reitherman would reappropriate it as his musical alias, and Throw Me The Statue emerged on the Seattle-based DIY label Baskerville Hill. Reitherman and a friend ran the label together, and from 2005-2007 the imprint put out a handful of homemade releases and threw shows for their small clan of Seattle musical friends. Reitherman assembled changing casts from the Baskerville Hill camp to help him with live performances, and local press started to take note...


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