Thru Me Again

La Hell Gang

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2014, Mexican Summer

Thru Me Again is the secondrelease from Chilean trio La Hell Gang and their first with Mexican Summer. Hailing from Santiago, which plays host to an ever growing psychedelic scene (Holydrug Couple, Follakzoid, La Banda, etc), the band create a remote and wild brand of rock ‘n' roll. The eight tracks across Thru Me Again weave seamlessly, channeling heat, light and endless desert dunes. Despite the heavy context, there's a real clarity in the production, making the blistering guitar solos and mirage-like vocals all the more potent. Tracks like 'Inside My Fall' and 'Last Hit' recall bands like The Black Angels and BRMC, but some of the more lucid moments ('Sweet Dear', 'So High') feel like a grittier Brightblack Morning Light. The soundtrack for your heat swept summer.


Disc 1
1 Inside My Fall
2 Her Way Has Come
3 Sweet Dear
4 The Beginning Remains the End
5 Everywhere I Go
6 Last Hit
7 What You Want You Got It
8 So High

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