Time Capsules II


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2012, Glassnote

Emotion is kind of the thing that drives the psychedelic peppy pop crated by the of-effervescent Oberhofer. Like the brain child of Brian Wilson and Descartes, he’s fixated on the idea of his philosophically minded, energetic melodic romps making people happy – mostly because it’s all he can bear to think about. Referring to his music in total as “a time capsule of exactly how I’m feeling at a given moment,” each song is a clear, unrestrained look inside the Oberhofer vault. And, between “Like Gold,” a reflection on two magical weeks spent with a first love that inadvertently kicked off his current project, “Away Frm U,” an upbeat goodbye whose commercial sync garnered enough money to move out his addict-filled apartment and the “Gotta Go,” the interpretation of bidding a woman adieu while also saying goodbye to your old process of getting work done, his heart’s on his sleeve, on paper, and all over everything he creates.

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