To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs



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2010, Rhymesayers Entertainment

Originally conceived as a tour only release, Atmosphere has decided to make a limited edition physical CD available to the masses. This album combines the EPs To All My Friends and Blood Makes the Blade Holy into one disc, all new music created in 2010 in Minneapolis to hold fans over until the next Atmosphere full length album.

"While they still haven't revealed any info on their next album, Atmosphere recently released a double EP titled To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blood Holy: The Atmosphere EPs, full of brand new tracks. While both EPs have enough songs to constitute a whole album when placed back to back, does the quality match up to an actual full-length release? . . . While this release is categorized as a double EP, there's no argument that this is anything but classic Atmosphere . . . Slug raps about Slug over guitar riffs that draw inspiration from various other genres, such as jazz and funk. Fans of the group will find nothing to complain about, and newcomers won't be overwhelmed if they are just jumping in. The new hopeful turn Atmosphere showcase in this album tends to be dragged down by the heavier tracks, but they definitely remain standouts in an already fantastic release. So, which direction will they take from this EP to their next full-length? It doesn't matter. Both sides of Atmosphere's nature are entertaining and genuine in their own way and I can't wait to see how they carry on into the future." - Ian Walker /

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