Total Loss

How to Dress Well


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2012, Acephale

How To Dress Well is the stage name of songwriter and producer Tom Krell. Combining a gorgeous falsetto with fractured R&B-influenced beats, an instinctive ear for subtly devastating melody and elements of noise, sound collage and avant-garde composition, Krell's debut album Love Remains offered a beautiful window into a startlingly realized artistic imagination.

Whereas Love Remains was a study of love in its darkest hour, Total Loss is an attempt to find one's way out of darkness, even when there seems to be no light ahead.


Disc 1
1 When I Was In Trouble
2 Cold Nites
3 Say My Name or Say Whatever
4 Running Back
5 & It Was U
6 World I Need You, Won't Be Without You (Proem)
7 Struggle
8 How Many?
9 Talking To You
10 Set It Right
11 Ocean Floor For Everything

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