Trees Outside the Academy

Thurston Moore

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2007, Ecstatic Peace

It's Thurston's first solo outing since 1995's Psychic Hearts. Of course, Thurston's been releasing records here, there and everywhere mostly in the context of rowdy and rambunctious noise/improv escapades but this new one is killer diller SONGS! Unlike Psychic Hearts' skeletal trio rock, this new jammer, 12 years post, has a far fuller bouquet of sonic depth and proves this Sonic dude to have a very real songwriting life outside of the legendary Sonic Youth (of which he is a founding figure, duh).

This newborn disc is 12 songs long. Thurston recorded primarily on acoustic guitar and bass, laying down the core of the tunes with drummer compatriot Sonic Youths Steve Shelly and violinist Samara Lubelski, a noted player from MV/EE and The Golden Road, Hall of Fame and other awesome gatherings as well as solo artiste.


Disc 1
1 Frozen Gtr
2 The Shape Is In a Trance PLAY
3 Honest James PLAY
4 Silver>Blue PLAY
5 Fri/End PLAY
6 American Coffin PLAY
7 Wonderful Witches PLAY
8 Off Work PLAY
9 Never Light PLAY
10 Free Noise Among Friends PLAY
11 Trees Outside the Academy PLAY
12 Thurston @ 13 PLAY

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