True Loves

Hooray for Earth

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2011, Dovecote Records

VINYL FORMAT. True Loves builds on Hooray for Earth's acclaimed debut EP MOMO, and captures both the personal and universal anxieties that have such a footing in contemporary times. Lead single "True Loves" thumps along neck-snapping drums, awash with blips and synths, surprising breakdowns and band leader Noel Heroux's soaringly languid vocals. The sound that has indie-culture's gatekeepers fawning is one that springs directly from Heroux's imagination into a climactic reality.


Disc 1
1 Realize It's Not the Sun
2 Last Minute
3 Sails
4 True Loves
5 Same
6 Hotel
7 No Love
8 Bring Us Closer Together
9 Pulling Back
10 Black Trees

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