There are three bands that go by the name Tulsa.

1) Tulsa is a Basque/Spanish band from Bilbao/Madrid composed of Miren Iza(voice and guitar), Alfredo Niharra (guitar), Gabi (drums), Miguel Guzmán (bass and guitars) and Alberto Rodrigo (bass). They formed in 2002 after lead singer Miren Iza from the defunct riot grrl band Electrobikinis started writing songs and joined Alfredo Niharra on small concerts. They released their first LP on 2006: Sólo me has rozado" attaining critical acclaim. They show folk influences on both their instrumental arrangements and the quirkyly sung, detailed lyrics of Miren.


2) Tulsa took its name from a book of photographs by Larry Clark. His pictures seem to be largely about a group of people he grew up with who had a hard time maintaining their curiosity fo...


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