Two Fingers

Two Fingers is Amon Tobin and Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman on the tunes and production.

Two Fingers' music is a sparse bump of hip-hop that has been blended with the twitch of dubstep, the pace of grime, and the bass of d&b, resulting in tunes which can be stealthy and brittle, booming and sexy or towering and monolithic.

The pair met when Tobin lived in Brighton and bonded over an interest in music that ran way beyond the boundaries of electronica. Together in Montreal, they applied production techniques associated with UK styles such as drum & bass to the template of hip hop. UK Mobo winning artist Sway was so taken with what they were doing, he flew straight out to Montreal and recorded seven tracks with them for the self-titled Two Fingers debut album. Sway demonstrated his open-mindedness, a lesser man might ha...


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