Ultima II Massage


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2014, Ghostly International

VINYL FORMAT. Limited edition yellow vinyl! On his third album, TOBACCO, the Pennsylvania snake-synth-charmer deepens hisapproach to aural depravity. At 17 tracks, Ultima is stacked with beautifully perverse hits? from the sickly sticky "Eruption," to the wobbly demon swaggerer "Face Breakout," tothe distorted punk spazz of "Dipsmack," to the apocalyptic sepia ambience of "Spitlord."You may hear disembodied bits of Boards of Canada, early Def Jam records, and GaryNuman, or maybe just public-access TV and bad VHS dubs of '80s horror flicks. Or the sunexploding and everything you've ever loved melting.


Disc 1
1 Streaker (ft. Notrabel)
2 Good Complexion
3 Video Warning Attempts
4 Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer)
5 Lipstick Destroyer
6 Self Tanner
7 Face Breakout
8 Blow Your Heart
9 Beast Sting
10 Dipsmack
11 Creaming for Beginners
12 Omen Classic
13 Pool City, McKnight Road
14 Spitlord
15 Father Sister Berzerker
16 The Touch From Within
17 Bronze Hogan (Bonus Track)

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