There are multiple artists who go by the name Valet.

1) Valet is Portland, Oregon musician Honey Owens. Owens played a key role in the development of the electronic group Nudge and music collective Jackie-O Motherfucker, blessing both groups with her singularly haunting voice, instrumentation, and aesthetic approach.

Valet's debut, 'Blood Is Clean' was originally released as a limited edition CDr in 2006 by Yarnlazer (the label Owens co-runs with White Rainbow's Adam Forkner). It saw wider release on Kranky Records in the Spring of 2007.

According to Owens, the songs were formed "out of a natural and spontaneous process as separate incidents of recording over a 5 month period from January to May 2006 in single, live takes with additional tracking sparingly added." Her goal was "to make music that was not neccessa...


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