Venice is Sinking

Hailing from Athens, GA, the five-piece Venice Is Sinking specializes in lush, anthemic orchestral pop with occasional dalliances into both the Americana and experimental. Venice Is Sinking makes songs about moving out, breaking up, moving on, and dead pets. Sorry About The Flowers is the band’s first full-length; it is scheduled for release in Spring 2006 on the One Percent Press label.

Venice Is Sinking has existed since the mid-90s, when guitarist/singer Daniel Lawson and a friend from New York, Kevin J. O'Neill Jr., began trading 4-track tapes in the mail. The first Venice Is Sinking “album” came out in the summer of 1997 in an extremely limited release of 50 handmade cassettes in Lawson’s hometown of Peachtree City, GA, whose previous cultural achievement was the ability to park one’s golf cart at the local Chili’s....



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