Vestax BDT-2600 Belt-Drive Turntable (White)

Vestax Turntable


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2009, Vestax

A belt-driven turntable that is extremely portable and versatile.

The Vestax BDT-2600 Turntable is an extremely portable, go-anywhere turntable.The BDT-2600 is a belt-drive turntable with standard 33.33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. The turntable features speed controls, which permit a total range of 16-to-98rpm.

The Vestax BDT-2600 has a phono amp that allows you to connect it to the line input of any mixer, amp or hi-fi system. Its pre-amp also offers an easy way to get your analog signal into your computer so you can digitize your vinyl collection. The BDT-2600 also has a bypass switch that lets you use a conventional phono input. It has a dynamic balanced S tone arm that is durable enough for play at almost any angle and strong enough to resists the pressures of the modern vinyl user. The heavy-duty metal chassis minimizes feedback and vibration. The Vestax BDT-2600 also features a power switch on the top panel for ease of use.

Vestax BDT-2600 Belt-Drive Turntable Features:
* Integrated high-quality phono amp
* Connects to any line input
* Bypass switch for use with conventional phono input
* Separate main and fine pitch controls
* Set speed from 16rpm to 98rpm
* "S" tone arm
* Heavy-duty metal chassis minimizes feedback and vibration
* Power switch located on the top panel
* Not intended for scratch use

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that turntables often do not work properly when used with converters, we do not ship turntables outside of North America. Also, unfortunately, we cannot ship turntables to P.O. boxes.

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