Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy


Vinyl LP

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2011, Blackest Rainbow

VINYL FORMAT. Limited to 500 copies in thick old-style tip-on hardback jackets with LPs pressed on 140 gram virgin vinyl. Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy is the second vinyl LP from this formerly active American duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long, which also happens to be the second LP from Celer on Blackest Rainbow. The album follows on from the recent pairing of releases on Basses Frequencies and features two sides of unearthed recordings that were created between December 2006 and July 2008. These two sides find the duo creating some truly beautiful drone works with their use of an organic and electronic palette of instrumentation; cello, violin, pipe organ, electronics, tape, field recordings, samples, and mixing board. This really is a standout side from Celer, pulling together their variety of sounds to make a heart breaking collage of sounds falling between beautiful dream tones and heavier dark moments. Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy again pushes Celer further to the front of modern minimal composition, proving that they were one of the most interesting, consistently outstanding, and intriguing acts around in recent years, creating some of the finest and most beautiful, fragile drone records around. The full experience of a Celer release is complete with accompanying titled fragmented sections for the side long pieces, and striking cover photography by Danielle.


Disc 1
1 Blending Two Beams of One Eternity
2 Soon To Waver
3 Wear At Expectation
4 Circumvolutions (Maoist Revolution From a Coffee Shop Patio)
5 Deadweight, Doleful Dreamstate
6 All You See is Red, But All You Feel is Blue
7 Common Recrimination (Lunch In Kathmandu)
8 Only Obstacles Are Capable of Turning Love Into a Love Story
9 Animate Companionship
10 Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy

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