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2013, FatCat

Vicious, the fanzine, is a limited edition foldout poster, created by Secret Furry Hole, the Italian cult cassette, design and vinyl label, that helped His Clancyness start out in the beginning by releasing his first tape. Basically friends helping out friends. This beautiful screenprinted handmade foldout 70x100cm two sided poster (printed by LEGNO) documents the band recording Vicious in Detroit, through photos, original notation sheets, scrapped lyrics and most of all the stories of what inspired and then became VICIOUS.

VINYL FORMAT. His Clancyness is the alias of Jonathan Clancy. Born in Ottawa and raised between Canada and Italy, Clancy moved back and forth between the two countries up until his late teenage years, when he finally settled in Bologna. Gaining early experience through playing in a number of hardcore / punk bands, and having toured the world in a couple of indie outfits, Jonathan struck out on his own back in 2009 and started to gain some early recognition across the internet when he began leaking out a series of bedroom-recorded psych-pop gems.

Vicious is warm and precise, filled with an unfaltering procession of addictive, hook-filled tracks. Described by Clancy as “a sassy, dreamy glam rocknroll album”, the softer-edges of His Clancyness’ earlier recordings are here replaced by a dynamic of real drive and bite, where every part feels perfectly balanced and intended. The songs still stretch out expansively but everything about the record (from the writing to the playing and production) is bolder, more forceful, cohesive and concise. The guitars are luminous and the whole is powerfully underpinned with a taut, punchy rhythmic spine that fits comfortably within a very modern American take on krautrock’s motorik propulsiveness


Disc 1
1 Safe Around The Edges
2 Miss Out These Days
3 Gold Diggers
4 Hunting men
5 Slash The Night
6 Run Wild
7 Machines
8 Avenue
9 Crystal Clear
10 Zenith Diamond
11 Castle Sand Ambient
12 Progress

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