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2012, 4ad

VINYL FORMAT. Grimes is the moniker of Canadian producer, singer and artist Claire Boucher. She approaches music in a way that is both sensually pleasurable and exploratory; sonic experimentalism run through a 'pop' filter. The music is youthfully schizophrenic and searching, a voyage into the yet undefined territory of post-internet, re-spiritualized sound. Grimes strongly values a physical and communal experience of music (it's danceability), experimental vocalization, and psychedelia. Grimes is self-indulgence, devastation and ecstasy. humanity, spirituality, escapism, identity, reality.


Disc 1
1 Infinite Love Without Fulfilment
2 Genesis
3 Oblivion
4 Eight
5 Circumambient
6 Vowels = Space and Time
7 Visiting Statue
8 Be a Body [Untranslatable]
9 Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus)
10 Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)
11 Nightmusic
12 Skin
13 Know the Way (Outro)

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