Walk The River (Import)



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2011, Polydor

IMPORT. "It's always been pretty clear that Guillemots were going to be a successful band. It's been three years since we last had a glimpse of what the quartet are up to. What we find in this album is Guillemots doing what they do best, and doing it really well. Walk The River opens with a song of the same name, a track which builds and builds. It's a raw, honest opening tune, augmented by a beautiful harpsichord-esque sound and is a real taste of the sentiment to expect from the rest of the album. "Walk The River" trickles into track two "Vermillion" which retains the structural style of the first track, something which has been carefully considered on this record in order to make each song slide perfectly into the next. Each track on Walk The River carries something sentimental. The lyrics are tinged with nostalgia, everything about the compositions feels very personal and there's a lasting sense of loss throughout the album. Musically, this album is gorgeous. It's atmospheric, full of reverb and clinging tones. The overall tone of the album is more calculated than on previous releases. Walk The River is the most mature sounding Guillemots record to date, full of tender songwriting and stingingly poignant lyrics." - Line of Best Fit


Disc 1
1 Walk the River
2 Vermillion
3 I Don't Feel Amazing Now
4 Ice Room
5 Tigers
6 Inside
7 I Must Be a Lover
8 Slow Train
9 Sometimes I Remember Wrong
10 Basket
11 Dancing in the Devil's Shoes
12 Yesterday Is Dead

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