Freelance Whales


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2010, French Kiss | Mom and Pop

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Freelance Whales found one another in late 2008, in Queens, amidst a strange amalgam of unfamiliar instruments, and precariously arranged pop songs. Using whatever musical gadgets they happened upon (mostly harmonium, banjo, glockenspiel, synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, waterphone), the five members worked at crafting songs with interlocking rhythmic patterns, lush textural layering, and an engaged group-vocal energy. The result is their debut LP, Weathervanes, whose songs work at evoking a sense of dislocation, or sensory disorientation. They invite the human spirit to exit the body, if only for brief moments. Freelance Whales can be spotted in the streets and humble venues of New York City, and in due time, elsewhere.


Disc 1
1 Generator 1st Floor
2 Hannah
3 Location
4 Channels
5 Starring
6 Kilojoules
7 Broken Horse
8 Danse Fiat
9 Ghosting
10 We Could Be Friends
11 Vessels
12 Generator 2nd Floor
13 Great Estates

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Andrew Schamess
This is just a beautiful album. I love the quirky tunes, the harmonies, and the tender, hopeful spirit of the whole thing. My kids love it, too (not that it's in any way a children's record - it's the sort of catchy, melodic music that anyone will love). I got it when it first dropped on the Internet and now that the official album is out I'm buying extra copies to give to friends. Don't miss this band!

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