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2006, Cuneiform

Third and best yet from this amazing instrumental, post-Beefheart, avant-technical, improv-core, math-metal, art-damage, punk-rock power trio from Asheville, NC. Using the simple and classic skeleton of guitar, bass and drums, these three make powerful music that is undeniably 'rock' but is also undeniably much wider in musical influences than what one would imagine in such rock-based work.


Disc 1
1 Remember Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib
2 Shell in Ogoniland
3 Maybe Orange
4 Unfolding
5 Sherman's March
6 Sometimes There's a Buggy
7 If, Whenever
8 Ho Chi Minh Is Gonna Win!
9 Before the Law
10 I Used to Be Just Like You, But Now I Am Just Like Me
11 Now, Now Is Then
12 Last Spark from God
13 What Are You Gonna Do?
14 You Know My Family

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Andrew Mashburn
Ahleuchatistas is arguably the best band to orchestrate chaos so precisely. They forge their sound out of elements of improvisational jazz, math rock, and post rock. It is comparable to Don Caballero, but without the occasional shitty release. Their live presence is machine like, and their music is unpredictable, dissonant, and confrontational. "What You Will" is a continuation of their experiments in dynamics, abrupt change, and even some longer songs with more atmospheric guitar texture. The band was conceived during the opening days of the Iraq War (2), and with a considerable amount of political angst over American foreign policy. So the imagery of violence and national ambition, are clearly portrayed by a band that conveys ideas with instruments alone.

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