When Silence Was Sound 1977-1980

The Brainiac 5


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2014, Reckless Records

This timely compilation documents the first flourishing of psych-punks The Brainiac 5, born out of the free-flowing Cornish freak-scene of the mid-'70s. Highlighting the band's new wave smarts melded with lysergic guitar workouts influenced by the late-'60s San Francisco scene, the release comprises the band's 7"s along with sole album World Inside, all produced in the late '70s by Hawkwind drummer Martin Griffin, and live tracks recorded in 1980. Including a 16-page booklet with a full band history by archivist Colin Hill, NME 1978: "Lou Reed meets Country Joe And The Fish." The Wire 2013: "It's like finding something you never knew you lost."

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