When We Break


Vinyl LP

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2005, Saddle Creek

VINYL FORMAT. By day, Criteria's Stephen Pedersen is entrenched in the beige, climate-controlled world of corporate law. By night, he tirelessly melds face-searing riffs with pounding, syncopated drums, awaiting a rock 'n' roll miracle. He needn't wait for that miracle any longer. And neither must you. This is the band's second full-length; a startling display of fist-pumping anthems and contagious melodies bent on shaking the ass of the most coolly aloof listener. Two words: big rock.


Disc 1
1 Prevent the World
2 Draped in the Blood
3 Good Luck
4 Kiss the Wake
5 Grey Matter
6 Salt in Game
7 Self Help
8 Run Together
9 Ride the Snake
10 On Time
11 Connections

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