When We Were Small

Rosie Thomas

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2006, Sub Pop Records

The mesmerizing debut outing of 24-year-old Rosie Thomas tempers folk, country, and {alternative rock} via sparse arrangements built upon simple acoustic guitar and piano motifs. Like Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Paula Cole, Thomas paints vivid pictures with her storytelling prose, especially on Wedding Day and Lorriane, which bemoan the loss of love with an optimistic twist. Documenting the disconsolate pain of separation on Farewell, Thomas' cracking falsetto punctuates each phrase and whisper until a snippet of childhood soundbites from the artist draws the dirge to a satisfactory conclusion. Her compelling application of legato harmonies on cello to embellish the descending chord progressions of Run and Bicycle Tricycle displays Thomas' intimate, haunting, and melodic songcraft at its strongest. A fine start for a promising career. ~ Tom Semioli, All Music Guide


Disc 1
1 2 Dollar Shoes PLAY
2 Farewell PLAY
3 Wedding Day PLAY
4 Lorraine PLAY
5 Finish Line PLAY
6 October PLAY
7 I Run PLAY
8 Charlotte PLAY
9 Have You Seen My Love? PLAY
10 Bicycle Tricycle PLAY

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