White Denim

They say the human body is DNA-programmed to renew itself every seven years.
In which case, White Denim's now legendary, heart-attack musical timing has
accelerated their own development – and then some. Five years on from their
twisted translation of the garage-rock aesthetic via Workout Holiday, new album
Corsicana Lemonade announces itself less noisily and demandingly, while
commanding just as much attention.

If their UK debut was the sound of a way-cool keg party, then as singersongwriter and guitarist James Petralli sees it, their latest is “a barbeque record,
essentially”. Here, then, are summery grooves with a country-funk/boogie-soul
bent (?Come Back', ?A Place To Start'), classic pop-rock moves from the '70s
(?Cheer Up Blues Ending', ?At Night In Dreams') and riff-centric, dirty blues (?Let It
Feel Good...


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