Why There Are Mountains

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Vinyl LP

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2009, self-released

VINYL FORMAT. Both stark reality and poetic numinousness pervade Why There Are Mountains, often united as one, infusing a vision of our country traversed on "pulsing arterials" with mystery and wonder, restoring meaning to the phrase "American Wilderness". Why There Are Mountains could be one of those records that sticks with you, that you return to again and again - the type of record that defines many months or year or two of your human experience. Cymbals Eat Guitars are very possibly your new favorite band. Prepare yourself to love again.

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Disc 1
1 ...And The Hazy Sea
2 Some Trees (Merrit Moon)
3 Indiana
4 Cold Spring
5 Share
6 What Dogs See
7 Wind Phoenix (Proper Name)
8 Living North
9 Like Blood DoesTunguska [*]

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