Wicked Man's Rest


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2008, Cooking Vinyl USA

On 'Wicked Man's Rest', the album's opener and title track, you'll hear a sample of Allen Ginsberg, questioning consumerism in a Californian supermarket. ''Wicked Man's Rest' was the first song to really capture the Passenger sound,' recalls Rosenberg. '... None of our songs are what you could call straight down the line. With 'Walk You Home', it's the juxtaposition of music and lyrics that throws people. First, they hear a happy, upbeat, summery pop song. Only after do they notice how creepy it is.'

New single 'Table For One' is similarly misleading. What sounds like a jaunty drinking song is really Rosenberg's take on life closing its doors of opportunity.

On the frantically-paced 'Do What You Like', Rosenberg is the blind-in-love boy let down by a girl, but even then you're not sure she's a real girlfriend, or just a friend he has fantasized a relationship with. On 'Stray Dog', a heartbreaking tale of rejection, the central character, with his ribs poking through and thin coat, could be human or canine.

'It used to worry me that Passenger don't sound like any other bands,' muses Rosenberg. 'Now I realize what we've achieved. We've made a pop album, but it doesn't sound like any other pop album out there.'


Disc 1
1 Wicked Man's Rest PLAY
2 Night Vision Binoculars PLAY
3 Things You've Never Done PLAY
4 Girl I Once Knew PLAY
5 Do What You Like PLAY
6 Needle In the Dark PLAY
7 Four Horses PLAY
8 You're on My Mind PLAY
9 For You PLAY
10 Walk In the Rain PLAY
11 Table for One PLAY

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