WooDuo 2

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2013, HiSound Audio

An audio fanatic’s dream is to have an earphone that not only provides punchy bass but also has clear mids and sparkling highs. The WooDuo 2 can make your dreams come true! The bass of WooDuo 2 is deep and detailed; it never interferes with the other frequencies, and there’s no sign of muddy sound. The mids are very clear and layered; the highs are extended and detailed. WooDuo 2 has an extremely wide soundstage with incredible sound density. These characteristics deliver the reality of complex musical texture. WooDuo 2 is an unprecedented IEM, which can cater to all genres of music. Impactful bass and dynamic, engaging transient sound make it an unbeatable earphone. The stunning African rosewood with colorful cable displays a unique personal character.

Type: dynamic, in-ear
Driver Size: @9 mm
Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 127 DB (1 KHZ, 1 Vrms)
Frequency Response: 16-23 KHZ
Chamber Material: rosewood
Impedance: 16 OHM
Sensitivity: 110 DB
Sound Grade: HiFi grade
Earphone Jack: 3.5 mm
Cable Length: 126 cm

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