Woodpigeon are a Canadian musical collective from Calgary, Alberta. The band's sound has been compared to Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura, Simon & Garfunkel, and Belle & Sebastian, amongst others. Band leader Mark Hamilton's main lyrical influence is The Kinks. When asked about the band's name, Mark Hamilton explains: "I've always been in love with the word Woodpigeon for as long as I can remember. When you write it in cursive, it looks like a rollercoaster".

Woodpigeon's origins are found with primary song-writer Mark Andrew Hamilton writing songs in Edinburgh, Scotland. At this time, the band was named "Woodpigeon Divided By Antelope Equals Squirrel", and consisted of Hamilton alongside Steve Kaye and Malcolm Benzie. Hamilton states that he "was far too scared to ever sing, so all we ever...


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