Elliott Smith

Vinyl LP

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2008, Plain Recordings

VINYL FORMAT. REISSUE. Following the success and acclaim of his two releases on the Kill Rock Stars label, as well as an Oscar nomination for the use of his song "Miss Misery" in the film Good Will Hunting, the late Elliott Smith signed with Dreamworks for the 1998 release of XO. With a major label budget for this, his fourth full length album, Smith was able to craft a fully realized pop masterpiece, fulfilling the promise of previous releases. Though firmly in the McCartney/Lennon/Rundgren/Davies school of songwriting Smith was nothing if not an original. Possibly his best record.


Disc 1
1 Sweet Adeline
2 Tomorrow Tomorrow
3 Waltz #2 (XO)
4 Baby Britain
5 Pitseleh
6 Independence Day
7 Bled White
8 Waltz #1
9 Amity
10 Oh Well, Okay
11 Bottle up and Explode!
12 A Question Mark
13 Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
14 I Didn't Understand

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