YaHoWha 13

Founded in 1969 in the Los Angeles area, Ya Ho Wa 13, otherwise known as Yahowa 13 or YAHOWHA 13, is now regarded as one of the best American psychedelic bands. Fronted by Father Yod, spiritual leader of the religious cult/commune, The Source Family, the band recorded 9 LP's and demonstrated their extreme psychedelic sound with tribal drums and distorted guitars, mostly unrehearsed and completely unedited.

Band Beginnings

Members of The Source Family, a communal religious group living in the Hollywood Hills in the early 1970's, decided to fuse their musical talents and spirituality by forming an improvisational, psychedelic music group. They began to make LP's in 1973, all of which were recorded after hours of meditation at 3-6 AM in a soundproofed garage that served as the musicians’ studio in the family's communal residence. All...


YaHoWha 13 Albums

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