Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Vinyl LP

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2005, Touch & Go Records

VINYL FORMAT. Yeah Yeah Yeahs formed in the late summer of 2000. Coming from bands like The Seconds, Challenge of the Future, and Flux Information Sciences, YYY "create sexually charged songs that address sensory extremes." Karen O, one half Siouxsie Sioux, the other Holly Golightly, sings in a sultry voice: "My skin tonight is a-blazing/But I don't think you're my type/What I need tonight is the real thing/yeah, I need the real thing tonight...As a fuck son you suck...the bigger the better." She kicks her leg into the air and flashes evil smiles at the audience. Her eyes are wide and she moves like a wound-up toy while Nick and drummer Brian Chase remain stationary. Karen wears acid-washed jeans halfway unzipped down her leg, holding the mic in one hand. Sometimes she even wraps the cord around her neck to be more dramatic. She could be singing about men, but it's the women in the audience who really grasp what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are conveying.

"The band's sound is more in the tradition of White Stripes' less Zep material, which in The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' case is much thicker and fluid and punk than De Stijl, and tinged with rock, country and rockabilly." -


Disc 1
1 Bang
2 Mystery Girl
3 Art Star
4 Miles Away
5 Our Time

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