Yellow Fever

There are (kind of) two artists who perform under the name Yellow Fever:

1) Yellow Fever changed their name to YellowFever(no space, capital 'F'), and are now known as Deep Time.

2) Yellow Fever combined Rock’n Roll music with Latin and Reggae rhythms. The act played together between 1994 - 2004. It was during a Summer in the early 90's that Alex Svenson-Metés, the band’s main song-writer and singer, returned from a Summer job as a cowboy in Colombia with an idea in mind; to combine some Latin sounds he had heard while working in Latin America with traditional alternative rock.

The result was Yellow Fever. The band released a limited EP in Sweden with Escapade Music in 1997. It then led to a full-length album “Listen Here” (Deaf N’ Dumb) released in 1998. The band’s single &q...


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