Yellow House

Grizzly Bear

Vinyl LP

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2012, Warp

VINYL FORMAT. The new material that comprises Yellow House puts the Grizzly Bear at the vanguard of contemporary song writing. The album was self-recorded during an idyllic summer. The makeshift studio was provided by Droste's mom's living room in a yellow house just off Cape Cod. Magical, haunting melodies are still their mainstay. Grizzly Bear always craft their songs from start to finish - meticulous instrumentation and arrangements are their specialty. On Yellow House, Grizzly Bear still flex their lo-fi connoisseurship, but with a better recording - DIY embellished with Taylor's fine sonic engineering acumen. Droste and Rossen share initial song writing duties, although the entire band collaborates to breath life into the tracks.


Disc 1
1 Easier PLAY
2 Lullabye PLAY
3 Knife PLAY
4 Central and Remote PLAY
5 Plans PLAY
6 Little Brother PLAY
7 Marla PLAY
8 On a Neck, On a Spit PLAY
9 Reprise PLAY
10 Colorado PLAY

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