You & Me (Reissue)

The Walkmen

Vinyl LP

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2011, Fat Possum Records

VINYL FORMAT. Newly reissued on Fat Possum Records! You & Me is a solid and complex collection of inspired songwriting. Romantic and celebratory, this is the sound of The Walkmen returning to classic form. The music that influenced the Walkmen to compose You & Me follows in a tradition of song writing that traces back to early rock 'n' roll: the intimacy and energy of Elvis Presley's and Buddy Holly's early recordings, and the massive voice and orchestration of Roy Orbison. With some romance and drama, the album harnesses the immediacy of a live-band into meticulously constructed, unique-sounding rock songs. You & Me would definitely not be mistaken for old, but has an almost immediate ability to evoke a wistful sense of nostalgia in any listener.


Disc 1
1 D=nde Estß La Playa
2 Flamingos
3 On the Water
4 In the New Year
5 Seven Years of Holidays
6 Postcards from Tiny Islands
7 Red Moon
8 Canadian Girl
9 Four Provinces
10 Long Time Ahead of Us
11 Blue Route
12 New Country
13 I Lost You
14 If Only It Were True

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