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Insound was born in 1998, a glimmer in the eye of a bunch of indie rock kids who wanted to make the mail-order business better. Tired of perforated catalog pages, licking stamps and watching as dozens of Amazon-alikes sprouted up with no mind for underground music, Insound officially launched on March 1, 1999. We have grown up from three guys and a machine, to a proud, successful mainstay of the indie rock community. We can boast hundreds of label and zine friends and role parts in the movies that will one day be made about bands like The Rapture, Bright Eyes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. In the last 10 years, much has changed in the music world and much has changed in the internet world. But our continued commitment to embracing the new and thinking like a bunch of 23 year old indie rock mail-order kids has not changed.


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