Insound is the premier independent music retail site on the Internet. Far more than just a store, Insound attracts +500,000 unique visitors monthly who come to the site not only to purchase CDs, vinyl, MP3s, T-shirts, silk-screened posters, turntables and unique gifts, but also to learn what's new and best in independent music. In this sense, Insound serves as an important tastemaker for some of the most avid and selective music consumers. With its finger firmly on the pulse of the cutting edge since 1998, Insound has developed a loyal brand following that confers tangible benefits on affiliated record labels and partners.

Insound can customize a marketing package to fit any media program.

For more information on advertising with Insound, contact:

Andy Nystrom
Email: andy (at)
Phone: 212 991 5184

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Email Newsletters

We currently have four weekly newsletters:

  • A new music update (with a monthly mixtape)
  • A free recommended MP3-of-the-week
  • A vinyl-only newsletter (with a bi-weekly mixtape)
  • A staff-curated deals of the week update

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  • Weekly Update: 85,000+ subscribers
  • MP3 of the Week: 60,000+ subscribers
  • Vinyl Newsletter: 60,000+ subscribers
  • Deals of the Week: 50,000+ subscribers

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