good kid, m.A.A.d city

Kendrick Lamar

Vinyl 2xLP

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2012, Aftermath

VINYL FORMAT. American hip hop recording artist from Compton, California, Lamar is a member of hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, along with fellow West Coast rappers and label mates Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. He first gained major attention after being mentioned by Dr. Dre resulting the buzz for his fourth mixtape Overly Dedicated (2010).


Disc 1
1 Sherane a.k.a. Master Splinter's Daughter
2 Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
3 Backseat Freestyle
4 The Art of Peer Pressure
5 Money Trees feat. Jay Rock
6 Poetic Justice feat. Drake
7 good kid
8 m.A.A.d city feat. MC Eiht
9 Swimming Pools (Drank) [Extended Version]
10 Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst
11 Real feat. Anna Wis
12 Compton feat. Dr. Dre

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2 reviews

Top album. A must buy.
Amanda Werner
Hip-hop has changed a lot since the birth of it in the 1980s. However lyricism continues to be a main focal point amongst all MC's and rappers. And in this day and age no one represents lyricism quite like Kendrick Lamar. With his debut album "good kid m.A.A.d city" it's a good way for the new generation to see rap is much more than swag and money. Like with any great album this will be graded on three things: Lyrics (content), Beat Production, and the overall message of the album.
As far as lyrics go on this album, they're above and beyond what anyone including myself could've expected from Lamar. Its vivid descriptions of his adventurous day in Compton is incredibly told with amazing detail. In the opening song "Sherane aka Master Splinter's Daughter" is starting with Kendrick Driving over to see this girl named Sherane that he hopes to have sex with. While he's driving to her house he tells us that he met her at a house party, and that Sherane's cousin is a member of a gang, so that makes visiting her very suspicious, but he goes anyway because he's an immature teen at the time. This album is more of a movie for the mind because you can really visualize what he is saying and not only that but he doesn't bombard you with words that you would get you confused with. As states, “The miracle of this album is how it ties straightforward rap thrills-- dazzling lyrical virtuosity, slick quotables, pulverizing beats, star turns from guest rappers-- directly to its narrative.” In the song he keeps it simple but not too simple. Even XXL magazine calls his lyricism “Vivid with amazing control and cadence”, which shows that Kendrick is a true lyricist.
When it comes to the production it is just as good as the lyrics are. You can tell that these beats weren't chosen at random with a spin wheel or throwing darts at a board while blind folded. These beats were made to fit the message and tone of every song. For instance, in the song "The Art of Peer Pressure", which is a very quiet, deep, and dark song because this song is an inner monologue of the thoughts of Kendrick Lamar as he rides around with his homies looking for trouble. Or the song "Money Trees", which is very dreamlike in a way as if daydreaming of what it would be like to have money because they lie in poverty. The absolute best part of his beat selection is that none of them are quite like the others, and they don't sound like the beats of today's hip hop which have lots of heavy snares and big loud drums. These beats are spot on and very precise in every delivery.
In "good kid, m.A.A.D. City”, the message is very clear. Kendrick wants people to know that just because you came from a bad environment doesn't mean you have to be a part of that lifestyle. In the song "Real", he talks about gang bangers, their love of the streets, the gangs they belonged to, and how they can't love and respect themselves enough to stay out of the gangs. He preaches a message of not giving into the pressures of peers around you as well as wanting you to be your own person. Further into the song, there is a voice mail on Kendrick’s phone left by his father. His dad was telling him that he was sorry about his friend dying, and not to take it out on the people who killed his friend because he states, "Anyone can kill a man, real is responsibility. Real is taking care of your family.” Kendrick really shows that he’s not like any other rapper out today with his positive messages to children and teens living in gang ridden environments. Kendrick is also nto trying to sell you on being a thug but rather sell you on trying to make it out of the hood.

It’s clear this album is clearly going somewhere. Kendrick Lamar will have a Grammy Award next year for his great work on “good kid, m.A.A.d city”. I will give this album a 10 out of 10 for its great lyrics, production, and message. I can’t wait to hear more from Kendrick Lamar and hopefully this starts a trend for other rappers to step up the competition!

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