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New Music Update

Insound Weekly Newsletter

Weekly - Every Tuesday. Receive updates on Insound's weekly sales, special offers, information on new releases as well as the most anticipated pre-orders. You'll be the first to get updates on exclusives, and the first weekly newsletter of the month comes with a downloadable digital mixtape!

Free MP3 of the Week

Free MP3 Newsletter

Weekly - Every Friday. As you might guess, we spend a lot of time listening to music. Bandcamps, PR blasts, promo cds, super cool label friends who keep us in the loop, endless related artists searches... Whenever we find a gem, we want to shout it from the roof! Once we get down from the roof, we'll send along a downloadable mp3 for you to check out as well.

The Vinyl Newsletter

Vinyl Newsletter

Weekly - Every Thursday. The vinyl newsletter features the more obscure new vinyl releases, imports, classics, re-issues, limited edition 7"s and anything else that we deem appropriate to share with a fellow vinyl lover. Bonus: Every other vinyl newsletter comes with a downloadable digital mixtape.

Handpicked Deals

Vinyl Newsletter

Weekly - Every Friday. The latest in our family of newsletters. As featured on our Stuff We Like blog: handpicked electronics, albums, merch, and gifts are on sale for one week only. This newsletter makes sure you never miss the savings.

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